20 things - bucketlist -typewriter unsplashI never have a problem to come up with something to write about. My problem is not having enough time to write about all the ideas I have.
So here is my bucket list – 20 things I want to blog about. Things, that already floating around my head [let’s see how many of them I can tick off…].

1. Things to do in Summer in Manly
2. Get rid of Self-Doubt
3. Vegemite – love it or leave it
4. The day that changed my life
5. Why I feel embarrassed for a lot of Germans
6. The Sydney Opera House and why it deserves being Sydneys iconic landmark
7. The worst vegetarian restaurant I have ever been to
8. A letter to my mum
9. Why I do not have any idea about footie and rugby
10. Budgie Smugglers: OK or No Way?
11. Why Manly needs a cinema. Badly
12. This is what I miss about you, Berlin.
13. I want a dog
14. Me, the girl from Berlin and me, the Expat in Sydney
15. This is why I miss my soulmates
16. My favorite camping spots
17. Who people think I am
18. 5 problems tough girls have
19. Bad habits and why I don’t give them up. Ever.
20. My anti-bucket list: 20 things I hope I never do before I die

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