I feel so lucky to live in Australia – this country has some of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments and is blessed with thousands of beautiful, stunning beaches. Having the beach right at my doorstep, I am used to always having sand everywhere on the balcony and on every part of my bike that isn’t aluminium, it is very rusty. But creating a beachy, relaxed vibe at home needs a lot more than that! Even if you live nowhere near the shore, you can still have that life-at-the-beach feeling… through your decoration. Here are my Top 10 Tips to help you feel close to the sea in your apartment and to bring some ocean ambiance into your everyday life.

1.       Beachy colours

Blue and white tones seem to be the obvious choices for a beachy or nautical touch, but there is actually a lot more to the beach than just whites and blues. Think about sunrise and sunset, yellow/orange shades as well as neutral browns or greens we can see in the sand dunes and rocky shores. A large mirror (framed with driftwood to create a coastal charm) can help create space and makes a room look bigger than it actually is. Driftwood is the perfect material to add a feeling of relaxed beachy feel and it is easy to paint it in white or blue colours to match your furniture and other pieces of decoration.

beach sunrise

2.       Simply Shells

To add a tropical touch, always decorate your place with some shells. You can frame them and hang them in some vintage- washed-back picture frames, display them on a white table runner or place them in a large glass, bowl or vases to create the right feeling.

decor shells

3.       Indoor plants

Large indoor plants will not only purify the air, but also help to blur the lines between inside and outside. If you love that island-paradise tropical feel, use some large plants such as palms, with bold, glossy and wide leaves. For a lush Hawaiian beach impression, choose colourful and tropical flowers in large pots.


4.       Let it shine

One of the easiest ways to provide a coastal vibe is to let some light in! Open up your windows and let the natural light do its job. Instead of using heavy curtains, go for soft and bright sheers that can move with the breeze. I love creating my own lampshade (you can use driftwood or an old lobster basket if you like the unusual) to allow the artificial light to diffuse which tends to work beautifully.

naturla lights

5.       Beach house exterior

To create a beach-inspired patio or balcony, furnish them with cute and comfortable rattan chairs or benches, a white rocking chair or string up a hammock. Hanging a hammock will instantly transform your space into a relaxation zone. Hammocks come in a variety of sizes: large and small, for kids and grown-ups. Hammocks bring beautiful colour combinations and fabric prints into your outdoor decor. Add sea décor pieces like corals, shells and star fish on your outdoor tables, shell garlands and a baskets to store your thongs, sunscreen and fresh towels for a quick trip down to the beach.

hammocks in garden

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