BEach manly to Spit

Manly to Spit Bridge – A Scenic Walkway

Sydney’s Popular Coastal Track from Manly to Spit Bridge Total Distance: 10 km Total Time: Approx. 3 hours 10mins Download the map With its mix of bush and coastal views, the tourist-favoured 10km walk from Manly to the Spit Bridge near Mosman makes you feel like you’re a world away from the hectic city life…. Read more »

beach house

Chic Beach House: 10 Interior Design Ideas to Beach Up Your Apartment

I feel so lucky to live in Australia – this country has some of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments and is blessed with thousands of beautiful, stunning beaches. Having the beach right at my doorstep, I am used to always having sand everywhere on the balcony and on every part of my… Read more »


5 Office Etiquette Tips for Australia

Australia is known to be a very relaxed nation. People live by „Don’t worry, mate, you’ll be right!“ and I remember very well how I did not only have to get used to a new country and culture, but also to a very different workplace atmosphere – and office etiquette. Although hard work is respected, and expected, especially… Read more »


Modern Australian Cuisine With a Middle Eastern Twist – COYA in Cromer

Tantalise your taste buds with an epic fusion food experience Located in Cromer, Coya is a local gem offering an epic fusion food experience for everyone who loves a very special and unique dining experience. Hospitality is central to Middle Eastern culture and the love for food is what you can taste in each and… Read more »

a beautiful yoga mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat: Review of the Mukti Float Yoga Mat

Sticking to your daily yoga practice can be hard when you’re travelling. But luckily, many yoga brands and yoga mat providers are coming up with great options and props for the nomadic yogis among us. We unusually go camping once or twice a month during the Australian summer. Last weekend, we went on a little… Read more »


Trust Me

I always thought trust was something that you gain, loose, earn or demolished – influenced by behaviours or simply words of other people. My ability to trust someone else was dependent on how others acted or reacted. Wonderful things have happened over the past year. I travelled a lot, I was very successful at work,… Read more »

ripple yoga wear

Ripple Yoga Pants: Flexible, Functional And Fun

When it comes to yoga pants, I am critical. I like pants that have a mid-to-high-rise waistband that stays in place and does not require me fiddle around and readjust after each and every pose during my practice. I also like pants that are comfortable, I like to think of yoga pants as sort of… Read more »

Cruise Espresso Cafe

Good coffee, sweet vibes and quality tunes – Cruise Espresso in Freshie

Cruise Espresso is a specialty espresso bar located in the heart of Freshwater village. A different blend of coffee is on offer every week besides the “always on” Byron Bay Marvell Street coffee blend. Besides the exquisite coffee taste, Cruise Espresso has a menu of locally produced breakfast options and snacks available. Not only is… Read more »

scenic cycle manly

Scenic Cycle Manly: Ride some of the most beautiful bike tracks in the world

I am usually not a big fan of indoor cycling. I love the outdoors and love to look around and enjoy the scenery while on my bike. Even though I am an absolute gym-enthusiast, I avoid spinning classes because I find it boring to cycle inside and found that they just last forever, even if… Read more »

Girdlers Cafe

Crepes, Acai & Sea Views – Girdlers in Dee Why

A great spot to refuel after a surf session in Dee Why Located at Dee Why’s beachfront strip, Girdlers is where you can always count on great coffee, a view of the ocean and fresh, healthy food. Owned and run by Ryan Girdler and his wife Katja, Girdlers has got it right. A former juice bar has… Read more »

  • cold drinks

    Belated Dry July

    Better late than never. I wanted to do Dry July but then the World Cup (I mean – Germany won!) and Holidays in Brazil thwarted this plan of a booze-free month. Although this is can’t be an “official” or fundraising challenge now, it is a personal challenge for me. Being German and not used to a quite regular… Read more »

  • hipster

    Hipster Paradise?

    Manly is known for its laid-back surfie culture, action packed activities like mountanbiking, shark diving, motorbike riding and – its hipsters. There is mustaches and beards everywhere. I guess the reason being is to symbolise ultimate manliness. But I do not go for men who wear a mustache that looks like an ironic facial accessory… Read more »

  • Coffee Love

    Coffee Addict

    I love coffee. I am not addicted to many bad things [and I am not sure whether coffee is bad or not], but I have to admit that I am a coffee addict. Being from Berlin, I have been drinking coffee ever since. Multiple times a day and if I do not get my coffee,… Read more »

  • Happy As

    Because I’m Happy

    A lot of my friends back home think I am brave. They say they would have never had the courage to move abroad. I should probably take it as a compliment. But I rather call it choosing a happier life. I am a very positive and happy person. Moving to Sydney endorsed my way to… Read more »

  • Fakebook


    Facebook can be fascinating, useful, annoying and devastating. I am not sure how to feel about the power it has on people’s lives. I joined Facebook January 2008 (and yes, I had to look that up) and the fact that I did not remember it shows how less important Facebook used to be. At least… Read more »