The year of changes and transformation

This year has been a very transformational, challenging year, I became a permanent resident of Australia (finally!), I quit my job, I met my nephew for the very first time, I made new friends, special friends that I know will be friends for life, I became a yoga teacher AND I am now much more balanced, self-assured and trusting ME than I was in the beginning of 2017.

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Yet in many ways I feel like I was racing to get through it and the weeks just flew by. I experienced 2017 as the fastest year ever. Maybe because it was packed with so many surprises, adventures, new beginnings and challenges that only now I come to realise that it is already over. I’ve spent much of this year questioning my purpose, my place where I belong and the things I should be doing and I like to do. I realised that I have a lot of love and compassion to give, yet haven’t figured out the best way to do so. Patience is another thing I became better at this year. I learned to like the state of equanimity. For me, the “Just relax” just never worked, I am a doer, I love to be busy and I don’t like to “just relax”. I rather am. So allowing myself to be, embrace the unknown and develop a state of “even-minded openness”, what the yogis call upeksha; a balanced, clear response to situations, rather than a response that comes from a reactivity or emotion. And yet, upeksha does not mean to not care or be in a state of neutrality. In fact, it allow us to care more deeply about all things happening and people being. In embracing the unknown, the universe as it is, letting things happen rather than trying to make things happen the way I want, I was able to then change the lens that I gazed through and started perceiving the world around me with more understanding, compassion and kindness.

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Let it be…

My yoga journey certainly helped me finding back to my state of happiness, whenever I questioned, doubted or second-guessed my decisions. A relaxed breath, a balanced body, and a stable emotional state do quieten a racing mind, filled with silly thoughts and stupid ideas at times. Life can be freaking hard!  It beats us down, chews us up and ultimately kills us. But if we let go from holding and the attachment to it, there is so much less struggle, pain, and disappointment in our life. There is a lot more calmness, positivity, serenity and joy if we just LET IT BE.

So in my drive to embrace more equanimity in my life I simply let the last year go. I let it be but yet will forget the great friends that I have met and everyone who enabled me to transition, transform and grow in this past twelve months. I let it be without questioning why things happened and whether I made the right or wrong decisions. I let it be just as it was. A part of my journey. I am ready to see what comes next, what 2018 holds for me, my family, my friends.

I hope the year ahead brings more acceptance (for ourselves and others), playfulness, and an abundance of growth to each and every one of us.

Happy New Year! xx

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