When it comes to yoga pants, I am critical. I like pants that have a mid-to-high-rise waistband that stays in place and does not require me fiddle around and readjust after each and every pose during my practice. I also like pants that are comfortable, I like to think of yoga pants as sort of a ‘second skin’. A big bonus for me is if yoga pants can be used on and off the mat. And that means feeling comfortable doing my grocery shopping, watching a movie or going for a walk in them.

slouchy yoga pants

Comfy is the new chic when it comes to yoga pants!

I usually love the colourful and tight yoga pants I got from Brazil or classic Lululemon tights. However, I recently had the pleasure to try Ripple Yoga Wear’s Slouchy Capri Yoga Pants, which are more of a loose-fit, gypsy-pants inspired pair. Personally for me, they are lacking a bit of colour, however they are so comfortable that it makes up for it. I have been wearing them for my Yin practice, to and from the gym in the morning just when only shorts would have been too cold and I absolutely fell in love with them when we went camping as I discovered how multi-functional they are!

Yoga wear for outdoors and adventure-seekers

Yoga Wear for outdoors and adventure-seekers

I was wearing them basically all day: In the mornings doing my little vinyasa sequence on the beach, cooking coffee and having breakfast, going on a bushwalk, checking out the surf, at night as a second pair when I was cold and in the car driving back to Sydney (which took 6 hours).


Slouchy pants from ripple allow smoothly stretches and fun poses.

Those Capri Pants are amazing and did not pinch or tweak at all. A wide and supportive waistband ensures you feel comfortable throughout the day, the natural fabric (high quality viscose and stone washed cotton) is lightweight and dries quickly, and the leg warmers they come with are a lovely touch and reminder that all Ripple Yoga Wear is made with love.

I really like their motto too: “We strive to spur ripples of good vibes in people’s lives.” Check out Ripple’s range online and enjoy free world wide shipping!

ripple yoga wear

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