I am usually not a big fan of indoor cycling. I love the outdoors and love to look around and enjoy the scenery while on my bike. Even though I am an absolute gym-enthusiast, I avoid spinning classes because I find it boring to cycle inside and found that they just last forever, even if it is only a 45 minute class…

But when I heard about ‘scenic cycling’ and how they take you on a visual journey across the globe while you get a great spinning workout, I couldn’t wait to try it! Scenic Cycle in Manly has just opened its doors to the public and invited me to try their heart-pounding classes.

While I still started with a slight sense of scepticalness, (it is still cycling indoors, right?) I was convinced within minutes that riding a bike elsewhere than on the streets can be great fun! Why? Because you get to see the world – literally! Scenic Cycle takes you on a journey through some of the greatest cycling routes in the world. From Vancouver to Waikiki, from Samoa to the Swiss Alps, the scenery you get to enjoy while cycling make the classes entertaining and fun. Check out the timetable to pick your favourite destination.


The great thing about Scenic Cycle is that it caters to all levels of fitness. Whether you are an avid cyclists or a fitness newbie, the instructors will guide you through and you can work (I mean, pedal) in your own pace. If you love a challenge, watch out for the upcoming introduction of SCX bikes at Manly studio: they will allow competitive cyclists to track power wattage, average RPM and energy expenditure in real-time.

If you feel like discovering a different part of the world and want to get a workout in the meantime, Scenic Cycle is perfect for you! Come for a spin and grab yourself an intro offer: for only $59 you get 30 days unlimited rides (valid for 1st timers only).

sceniccycle Manly

Scenic Cycle Manly

Ground Floor, Short Street Plaza, Short Street

Manly NSW 2095

Phone: +61 2 9252 4102

Website: sceniccycle.com                

Facebook: facebook.com/sceniccycle

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