Want to help save the environment? I recently decided to do my own part to help save the environment just by changing some of my daily habits. And you can do it too! Going green is easier than you might think. Here are my top 3 tips that help you to be more environmentally friendly:

1. Plastic free Manly – Bring your own bag

Plastic bags have a long-lasting impact on the environment and pose a threat to the ecosystem, which is why Plastic Free Manly (a community-driven movement) strives to get rid of single-use plastic bags in Manly. Sign the petition and help make Manly a plastic free haven by bringing your own reusable bags when doing your shopping! For me, this is a no-brainer as in Germany you already have to pay in most supermarkets if you need a plastic bag.

Did you know… Harris Farm Market donates 5c to Clean Up Australia for every person who doesn’t want a plastic bag. With this campaign they aim to reduce the use of plastic bags by 1/2 million in six months.


2. Use resuable coffee cups and bottles

Millions of disposable coffee cups are thrown away every day creating an enormous amount of waste. Now, if you are a coffee lover/addict like me, just use a mug or other reusable cup for your coffee instead of a disposable cup or travel mug! Cheeki has got excellent coffee mugs that use double-wall vacuum insulation so they are cool from the outside, whilst your coffee inside stays hot for a couple of hours with the lid closed. If you are as passionate for a cleaner, greener and healthier planet like I am, then also swap your plastic bottle for a re-usable bottle. We are lucky enough in Australia to have access to tap water that is safe to drink, so buy a glass or metal bottle and fill it with water.

Did you know… that you only need to refill a bottle 5 times to “break even” when compared to the cost of purchasing the equivalent number of bottled waters?

reusable bottle and mug

3. Go naked for lunch 

Say no to the extra small plastic bag that usually comes with your lunch! The healthiest salad is not that healthy any more when packed in a plastic container and a plastic bag. Just avoid the extra packaging. There is nothing wrong with carrying your lunch back to the office in your hands I believe. Sometimes you can’t avoid plastic containers, so make sure to re-use it: wash it, clean it and re-use it as a lunch box next time you’re bringing leftovers in.

Did you know… A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on environment. Looking at our oceans, unfortunately around 1 million birds, 100,000 turtles and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic.


So, in a nutshell: you are given a small but wonderful piece of this planet and for a limited time only, so make sure you take good care and treat it as best as you can. Be a mindful consumer. Do not buy what you do not need and ask yourself how your purchases are impacting the natural environment.

planet earth

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